LOKI one

One camera rig, three different modes

LOKI one with attachments

The world’s most compact and versatile camera rig

LOKI one is designed to be taken anywhere. Folded up it slots into a bag, then quickly transform it between a shoulder rig, camera cage or camera dolly to capture a range of cinematic shots.

Jason Bradbury buying the LOKI one at the SWPP Convention

See the LOKI one in action

Precision machined out of aluminium and finished with steel locking rosettes on all the moving joints, the LOKI one is a professional-quality camera rig that you can adapt to any situation.

A range of cinematic shots from a single rig

LOKI in a Bag

Ultra Portable

Shoulder Rig

Camera Cage on Location

Camera Cage

Camera Dolly on Location

Camera Dolly

Technical Details

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